Ayurveda Centrum Lawrence Hill Paradise

Our Ayurvedic Restaurant

The food you consume is an important aspect of your ayurvedic treatment and lifestyle. Our exclusive open-air restaurant is situated amidst the garden, by the pool and allows you to enjoy your healthy meals with a fresh breeze. The dishes on our ayurvedic buffet are chosen by our doctors to ensure that your ayurvedic diet suits your body's needs. All ingredients are natural, locally sourced and meals are prepared freshly by our qualified chefs. You will be surprised by the vast variety of food the ayurvedic cuisine has to offer.

Our restaurant can also cater for any of your special requirements; whether your diet is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free or if you have any other requirements; we can accommodate you.

Please note: We don't serve alcohol, coffee, black tea or any soft drinks or carbonated drinks.

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