Ayurveda Centrum Lawrence Hill Paradise

Our Ayurveda Treatment Procedure

You will be supported by our skilled team of doctors, therapists and Guest Relations Officers. After a thorough examination and a traditional ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, our experienced and certified ayurvedic doctors prescribe a personalized curative and preventive treatment plan for you, based on your individual constitution type and the doshas that are out of balance, according to the ancient healing science of ayurveda.

At our Ayurveda Centrum Lawrence Hill Paradise we offer the following Ayurveda Therapies: Panchakarma Cure, Anti-Stress Therapy, Rejuvenation, Purification and a Weight Reduction Programme.

We do not charge extra for any special treatments, therefore you don’t have to decide which package you want to choose, before you come here. Our doctors will discuss your medicine and treatment programme with you during the intensive first consultation, based on your current complaints, the length of your stay and your goals and expectations.

Should you wish to have acupuncture treatments in addition to your ayurvedic treatments, you will be able to book acupuncture sessions with our experienced doctors for a moderate fee. ​

Naturally we are also happy to offer long cures of 6 weeks and more.

Our Guest Relations Officers will accompany you to the consultations with the doctors, take notes on your behalf and translate whenever necessary. During your stay, our team of doctors will meet with you regularly for short consultations. They will closely supervise all your treatments and your progress and will adjust or expand your therapy programme accordingly

To enhance your sense of well-being, our experienced therapists give you loving care and attention. In keeping with Sri Lankan customs, female guests will be treated by female therapists for the abhyanga (full-body massage) and male guests will be treated by male therapists. Our doctors will compile a delicious and nutritious ayurvedic wholefoods diet plan for you individually, based on your body type and your current condition and our chefs will lovingly cook your meals freshly on a daily basis. Expect to be surprised by the diversity of ayurvedic cuisine!

Please note that we do not serve alcoholic beverages of any kind!

In order to ensure that you continue to benefit from your ayurveda cure even after your stay, our doctors will give you herbal medicines to take home in your final consultation and will advise you on a healthy ayurvedic diet and life style that you can easily follow at home.

Daily Routine

It’s hard to describe a typical day or a daily routine, as every day is individually arranged to fit the guest’s cure and recreation schedule. The treatments, which normally take 2.5 hours daily, are the core of the day.

A day in Ayurveda Centrum Lawrence Hill Paradise could look like this:

You should use the arrival day in our Ayurveda Resort to adjust to your new surroundings, the Sri Lankan climate and the time lag, both physically and mentally.

From the Airport, it‘s approximately a 2 hour drive to Ayurveda Centrum Lawrence Hill Paradise. Upon arrival at our resort, you will be met by one of our Guest Relations Officers and escorted to your room. You will have a chance to freshen up after your journey and then our Guest Relations Officer will give you a tour of the resort and fill you in on everything you need to know. ​

Now you are ready to start enjoying the lovely pool and our lush garden!

Lunch is served in our al-fresco restaurant between 12.00 pm and 1:30 pm. On your first day you are able to take whatever you like from our lavish buffet, without taking into consideration any dietary recommendations. ​

Our doctors will conduct a first short consultation with you, checking the general state of your health and your blood pressure and pulse. Then it’s time to lie back and relish the first relaxation treatments. Please note that the detailed consultation, where we determine your doshas, will take place the day after arrival, as the body needs time to settle after the long and exhausting flight. Therefore, checking the doshas on the arrival day could give a misleading reading.

Between 7 pm and 8 pm, we invite you to savour your first light supper in our restaurant. Our cuisine is predominantly vegetarian, but we do also serve fish and chicken dishes several times a week, to satisfy the palates of all our guests. ​

We advise you to go to bed early to ensure that you do not suffer from jet lag the next day. ​

​ At 7 am our yoga teacher will greet you in our newly built Yoga Shala and will get you in the right mood for the day with the morning yoga programme.

Breakfast will be served between 7.30 am and 9 am either in the Restaurant or at the pool side.

After breakfast our Guest Relations Officer will be happy to escort you from your room to the Ayurveda Centre, where you will have a detailed consultation with our highly-qualified Ayurveda doctors. ​This is the true start of your Ayurveda cure! This thorough consultation will take approximately 1 hour and our Guest Relations Officer will take notes for you and provide translations as necessary. By virtue of the traditional and extremely efficient method of pulse diagnosis, coupled with a meticulous physical examination, the doctor will ascertain your current state of health and your mental condition and will compile your personal treatment plan, based on the findings. Every other day, the doctor will conduct a short consultation to establish how the state of your health progresses and will retain or adapt your treatment plan accordingly.

From 12 pm to 1:30 pm you will be able to enjoy our delicious lunch buffet in the restaurant. The doctor will have given you dietary recommendation during the consultation and you should adhere to these from now on. If you require assistance with your diet plan, our doctors and Guest Relations Officers will be happy to help!

​ In the afternoon, you will receive 2.5 hours of treatment. After the treatment you should rest for 2 hours before taking a shower, so that the medicated oils and/or pastes on your body can continue to have their beneficial effect.

Suppertime is between 7pm and 8 pm. Before supper you should go to your pigeon hole in the medicine cabinet, which is located outside the kitchen, where you will find the medicine prescribed for you by the doctor during the consultation. From now on, you will find your medicine there before every meal. Should you be uncertain with regards to how the medicines are to be taken, our Guest Relations Officers will be on hand to explain.

The rest of the evening is at your disposal. We have a library of English and international books and invite you to browse. However, it is also advantageous, if you simply use the time to sit on your balcony every now and again for introspection or to listen to the bird song and jungle sounds.


Panchakarma is a highly sophisticated approach to Purification and Rejuvenation therapy that has been refined and developed over several thousand years for the treatment of illness and the attainment of longevity. There are various methods of discharging metabolic residue (mala), partly digested or undigested food particles and bioacculumlated environmental toxins (ama). Mental detoxification is also a very important element of the cure. Panchakarma literally means “five actions” (from the Sanskrit “panch” = five and “karma” =action), meaning that the body is cleansed in five different ways. The pivotal factor is the physical and mental constitution of the person, who is to be treated.

​The five actions of a traditional panchakarma cure are:

Enema (Vasti)
Purgation (Virechana)
Therapeutic nose cleansing (Nasya)
Therapeutic vomiting (Vamana)
Blood-letting (Rakta Moksha) e.g with leeches

It would take approximately 2 months to conduct a complete panchakarma cure, as some of the actions such as therapeutic vomiting and blood-letting are very demanding for the body.

For an Ayurveda cure at Lawrence Hill Paradise the guest’s current condition i.e. the balance of doshas is the first priority. Our doctors conduct an ayurvedic examination and a pulse diagnosis in order to determine which doshas are disturbed or out of balance. Your personal therapy will be planned according to your symptoms and your body type and the aim is to balance your doshas and to detoxify your body.

You will receive five different treatments every day, which the doctors prescribe according to your condition and your complaints. In general you will have the same treatment plan for three consecutive days and then it will be changed for the next phase of the cure. You will have a short consultation every other day, where the doctors will check how you are and how you are responding to the treatments. They will ask you about your digestion and check your tongue to determine the state of your health. In the first days there might be some initial worsening such as headaches, mood swings etc. If you have any questions or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact the Doctors or the Guest Relations Officers, who will be happy to assist you.

Our Ayurveda Treatments

Please click on the treatment name to view more details.

The treatments are sorted in alphabetical order.

Back Therapy:

This treatment is beneficial for the upper and lower back and brings relief from back pain. The afflicted areas are fomented with warm herbal sacks.

Back Therapy – Kati Vasti:

This treatment is administered to the lower back. A ring made of “undu” flour dough is placed on the afflicted area and is filled with warm medicated oil. This nourishes and relaxes both muscles and nerves. This treatment helps with all kinds of back pain and brings instant relief.

Belly Treatment (for the bowels)

This treatment improves the health of the bowels. A special medicated oil is used for a deep tissue massage and then the belly is covered with a warm towel.

Belly Treatment (to reduce fat)

This treatment helps reduce belly fat. A special medicated oil is massaged deeply into the belly muscles and then the belly is covered with a warm towel.

Bladder Chakra Therapy:

This is a very soft massage on the abdomen, which stimulates the bladder. The medicated oil boosts blood circulation in this area and thus nourishes the bladder muscles and nerves. This treatment also strengthens a weak bladder.

Body Pack:

We prepare a mixture of various herbs, depending on the needs of your skin. This paste is applied and left to take effect for 30-45 minutes. Then the paste is removed and you will take a bath.

For a Full Body Pack, you will receive an oil massage initially and then take a steam bath. Afterwards your body with be thoroughly cleansed with a brush. Then the paste is administered and will be removed after a while, followed by a bath. This treatment is excellent for those suffering from dry skin and it promotes a beautiful complexion. The full-body pack takes 90 minutes.

Body Therapy (Abhyanga)

This is a gentle synchronous massage, which is administered by two therapists simultaneously. The medicated oil, which is prescribed according to your complaints, works to balance your doshas and has a healing effect on your blood circulation and your nervous system. This treatment also purges toxins and metabolic residue from your body tissues and will leave you very relaxed. Another very positive effect of the Abhyanga treatment is the fact that it tones your skin.

Body Therapy – Intensive

This is a synchronous massage, which is administered by two therapists simultaneously and includes some minor exercises for the joints. The effect can vary depending on the medicated oil which is used. This therapy improves blood circulation and the mobility of your joints and has a profound effect on your body.

Body Therapy for Skin Issues

This is a synchronous body therapy with a green herbal paste, which eases skin conditions such as allergies, atopic eczema and psoriasis.

Body Therapy Administered by the Therapists’ Feet

This synchronous body therapy is administered by the therapists’ feet. You will lie on the floor and 2 therapists hang from a rope and massage in the medicated oil with their feet. This is a very strong massage and the medicated oil gets worked deeply into the body tissues. The suitable medicated oil is prescribed according to your condition and complaints.

Cellulite Treatment

This treatment is performed on the thighs. The medicated oil is worked into the thighs with upward strokes and firm pressure. Afterwards the thighs are covered with a warm cloth.

Chakra Therapy

The “Lalata” chakra or third eye on the forehead is stimulated with a very soft massage. For this treatment pure ghee is used, which helps combat fatigue and insomnia and improves relaxation.

Chest Compress

This treatment is very effective for treating a cough, bronchitis, asthma and other problems of the respiratory tract. First, warm medicated oil is applied to the chest. Then a compress of betel or pepper leaves is added. This eases your breathing and releases any mucous from your lungs.

Chest Therapy

This treatment is ideal for people who are very nervous, have difficulties relaxing or are suffering from hypertension. A ring made of “undu” flour dough is placed on the chest and filled with room temperature ghee. As the ghee melts due to the body temperature, you will begin experience a sense of relaxation.

Ear Treatment

A kind of “cigarette” is manufactured from various herbs and oils. Some oil will be applied all around the ear. Once the „cigarette“ is lit, the smoke is blown into the ear through a pipe. This procedure is repeated several times until the ear has grown warm. This treatment is very beneficial for those experiencing problems with their ears.

Ear Fomentation

First we apply medicated oil around your ears and then we foment the area with warm limes. Finally the ears are closed by the insertion of a clove of garlic. This treatment helps with all kinds of ear problems.

Enema (Vasti Karma)

Vasti Karma is one of the most effective treatments for Vatha disturbances. The doctors administer either a mixture of medicated oils or a herbal decoction via the rectum in order to remove Vatha disturbances, toxins and metabolic residues. This treatment cleanses the bowels, removes toxins from the liver and the gall bladder and helps balance the Vatha dosha. Vasti Karma also strengthens the nervous system and the immune system, forms new tissue and alleviates constipation and bloating as well as backaches, joint pains and headaches.

Eye Shower (Nethra Parisheka)

The eyes are bathed with a meticulously prepared herbal water, which has been thoroughly sifted and is not too warm. For this treatment the eyes are covered with gauze and should be opened and closed in alternation, according to the therapist’s instructions. This treatment cleanses the eyes.

Please note that the eyes are very sensitive during the eye treatment phase and you should be careful to avoid dust, wind and sunlight on these days. It is recommended that you wear sunglasses.

Eye Cleansing Treatment (Nethra Bindu)

Herbal water is applied to the eyes in the form of eye drops. This treatment may cause some discomfort or a burning sensation, which is entirely normal.

Please note that the eyes are very sensitive during the eye treatment phase and you should be careful to avoid dust, wind and sunlight on these days. It is recommended that you wear sunglasses.

Eye Nourishing Treatment (Nethra Tharpanam)

This treatment strengthens and nourishes the eye muscles and nerves. First, medicated oil is gently massaged around the eye area and then two rings made of “undu” flour dough are placed around the eyes and filled with medicated ghee, which has room temperature. The warmth of the body causes the ghee to melt. The therapist will give instructions to open and close the eyes slowly for the best effect. The ghee used for this treatment is especially pure, because it has been cleansed 100 times.

Please note that the eyes are very sensitive during the eye treatment phase and you should be careful to avoid dust, wind and sunlight on these days. It is recommended that you wear sunglasses.

Eye Soothing Treatment (Nethra Lepa)

We apply a herbal paste around the eyes and then cover them with gauze. The herbal paste is kept on for 1 hour and should then be washed off with water. This treatment is beneficial for all manner of eye problems; it cools the eyes and relieves them of stress.

Please note that the eyes are very sensitive during the eye treatment phase and you should be careful to avoid dust, wind and sunlight on these days. It is recommended that you wear sunglasses.

Eye Treatment with Exercises (Nethra Thrataka)

Medicated oil is gently massaged around the eye area. Then the therapist gives instructions for some eye exercises alternating with some breaks to relax the eyes. This treatment might cause some discomfort, but it is excellent for strengthening the eye muscles and nerves.

Please note that the eyes are very sensitive during the eye treatment phase and you should be careful to avoid dust, wind and sunlight on these days. It is recommended that you wear sunglasses.

Face Fomentation

For this treatment, we make very small herbal sacks with special herbs. First the face is massaged with medicated oil and is then fomented with the herbal sacks. This treatment is beneficial for treating headaches, sinusitis and ear problems.

Face Pack

Depending on your skin type, we will use a variety of herbs to prepare the face mask. We apply it to your face and leave it to take effect for 30-45 minutes. Then it will be removed. This treatment can be used to combat skin impurities, dry skin or wrinkles and for a clearer complexion. Before the treatment, we will clean the face and cover your hair, eyes and ears.

Full Face Pack

This takes approximately 1 hour, as we clean the face and massage it with a suitable medicated oil or cream. Then we apply a face scrub, consisting of a herbal paste. After the scrub, we clean the face once again and apply the face pack. We leave this to take effect for 30 minutes, then we remove it, clean your face and apply a natural skin toner.

Face Treatment

As a rule, the face massage tightens the facial tissue. The medicated oil used for this massage enhances blood circulation. Among the ayurvedic treatments, the face treatment and the face pack serve to rejuvenate and beautify.

Foot and Calf Therapy

This is a deep massage of the foot and the calf muscles with the aid of a wooden stick

Foot Bath

This foot bath could be warm or cold, salty or sour. Depending on your complaint, the suitable herbs are used to make a herbal decoction which is added to the bath water. This treatment alleviates edema, pains in the heel of the foot and skin problems.

Foot ReflexologyTherapy

The therapist presses and massages the reflex points with the aid of a wooden stick. This stimulates all the organs and the therapist is able to establish the body’s weak points, due to the reaction to the pressure on the reflex points. ​

Foot Therapy (Lymphatic)

This is a soft foot treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system. It helps to improve the immune system and to reduce edema.

Hand Bath

This treatment is warming and can be prescribed for all kinds of hand problems. Depending on the herbs, which are added to the water, it could be salty or sour

Hand Therapy

The hands are massaged with medicated oil and the wrists and finger joint are exercised. This treatment is beneficial for anyone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis or numbness.

Head Treatment

This is a firm head massage, which is relaxing and alleviates headaches. Some pressure points are pressed, therefore this treatment also stimulates the eyes, ears and nose.

Head Therapy (Shirolepa)

This treatment is administered early in the morning. First we prepare a herbal paste. Afterwards we apply medicated oil to the head and put a gauze bandage around the head and then the herbal paste is applied. Finally the head is covered with banana leaves, which have small holes, so that herbal water can be dripped onto the head from time to time. This head bandage is kept on the head for 2 hours for maximum effect and then removed. You can take a shower with warm water to wash off the oil and paste. This treatment is beneficial for anyone suffering from stress or mental issues such as depression or sleeping problems.

Heart Chakra Therapy

This is a very soft treatment performed on the heart chakra. Depending on your complaints, our doctors will determine the suitable medicated oil to use for this gentle treatment, which strengthens the heart muscle, improves the cardiac rhythm and helps combat nervousness.

Heart Therapy (Uro Vasti)

This treatment strengthens the heart muscles and helps with palpitations, easing blockages of the coronary arteries and with cardiac arrhythmia. A ring made of “undu” flour dough is placed on the chest and warm medicated oil is poured inside, which serves to ease heart problems. From time to time some more warm oil is added, to ensure a constant temperature. This treatment is very relaxing

Herbal Bath

We make a decoction with various herbs that are appropriate for your condition and add this to warm bath water. This bath expands the capillaries and the intercellular tissue spaces and thus has a cleansing effect. The herbal steam has a healing effect through the pores of the skin and toxins and metabolic residues are discharged via the sweat.

Herbal Steam Bath

This is one of the sweating treatments. In our wooden steam bath herbal steam works its healing magic through the pores of the skin. Toxins and metabolic residues are discharged due to the sweating. It is quite normal and even desirable that the sweating continues after the steam bath treatment, therefore it is advisable to avoid draughts.

Inhalation with Smoke (Doomapana)

We make a kind of cigarette from herbs, powders and oils. First we massage the face with medicated oils, then we light the “cigarette” and blow the smoke into the nostrils by means of a paper funnel. The smoke should be inhaled through the nose and exhaled through the mouth. This procedure is repeated several times and it stimulates the nose and the throat. As a next step, you will be instructed to spit out any mucous that has been loosened. You will receive a special herbal water to gargle with, in order to intensify the effect of this treatment, which is beneficial for all problems with the ears, nose, eyes and throat.

Inhalation with Steam

We make a special decoction with fresh herbs and dry herbs and you will be instructed to inhale the steam. This treatment loosens mucous deposits in the lungs, the paranasal and frontal sinuses and thus cleans the respiratory tract.

Joint Treatment (Valuka Sweda)

The joint are fomented with warms sacks containing sand and salt. This treatment is beneficial for all those, who are suffering from swollen joints

Milk Bath

This sweating therapy is prescribed for skin problems. The bath water is infused with a herbal decoction that is suitable for your skin condition and with cow milk.

Milk Rice Fomentation (Navara Kizhi)

For this treatment we make small cloth sacks filled with a herbal decoction and milk rice, boiled with cow milk. We apply a mixture of decoction and milk to the body and then foment it with the warm rice sacks. Initially your body will feel warm, but then it will feel cool. This treatment improves overall body strength and fortifies the muscles and nerves. It also enhances the complexion. After the treatment, the body is cleaned with coconut leaves.

Milk Rice Fomentation Nourishing the Bones (Mamsa Kizhi)

For this milk rice fomentation, we mix the milk rice with a decoction made from boiling mutton and goat bones. This treatment nourishes the bones, muscles and nerves and is prescribed for people suffering from poly neuropathy, muscular dystrophy or paralysis.

Neck & Shoulder Therapy

This treatment alleviates a stiff neck, spondylosis and headaches and includes some minor exercises to increase mobility and a fomentation with warm herbal sacks.

Nose Cleaning (Nasya)

The doctor will apply some drops of medicated oil into each nostril. This releases mucous deposits in the paranasal and frontal sinuses and the throat. You will be instructed to spit out the mucous in alternation with gargling with a saltwater solution. After the treatment, it is advisable to remain seated in an upright position for about 1 hour in order to enable a potential flow of mucous. Please drink a lot of warm water after the nose cleaning.

Nose Treatment (Choornam Nasya)

We offer this alternative treatment for anyone, who is unable to tolerate the Nose Cleaning. We start with a facial fomentation and then you will be instructed to inhale some herbal powder. This stimulates the nose and will make you sneeze, thus loosening mucous deposits. The treatment concludes by gargling with a warm decoction.

Oil Shower (Ekangadara)

Warm oil is poured in a continuous stream over the afflicted parts of the body. This nourishes muscles and nerves and improves the condition of the bones. Metabolic residues and toxins are released and sweated out. This treatment is especially effective for legs, knees, arms, bladder and uterus.

Oil Stream (Shirodhara)

A constant warm stream of medicated oil is poured slowly over your forehead for 20 minutes. This treatment promotes deep relaxation and the regeneration of the nervous system and the endocrine glands. According to your condition and the length of your stay, the doctors will determine how many sessions of Shirodhara to prescribe. All five senses are sensitized and cleansed, therefore most people are more delicate than usual during the days of the Shirodhara treatments. You may feel tired, sad or listless. Old memories might resurface or you might see colours. Any of things could happen, but some people do not experience anything out of the ordinary. Try to use this time for introspection, but please do not overexert yourself. If you feel the need to be alone, don’t hesitate to retreat and to communicate this need to the people around you. Do what feels right for you and avoid anything that doesn’t benefit you.


Pads drenched with suitable medicated oils are applied to the afflicted areas of the body. Warm medicated oil is constantly drizzled onto the pad to ensure maximum absorption and to keep the pichu warm.

Head pichu : for insomnia and headache.

Uro pichu : for heart problems.

Kati pichu : for back problems.

Stomach pichu : for stomach problems.

Powder Therapy (Udawarthana)

This is a synchronous body therapy with herbal powder. First we apply a medicated oil and then we massage in the herbal powder with the oil. This feels like a skin peeling. The effect of the treatment is dependent on the type of herbal powder used, but this treatment is beneficial mainly for weight loss and for skin problems.


In accordance with their diagnosis of the state of your bowels and digestion, the doctors will prescribe an ayurvedic laxative to cleanse your colon, if deemed necessary. This laxative will be served in your room early in the morning. You should drink a lot of water after taking the purgative, and walk around the room to enhance the effect. In general, you should mostly stay in your room during purgation day and a light lunch will be served to your room, as will a light dinner – if required. On this day you should not have breakfast, eat any fruit, take any other medicine or do any sports – even swimming. The doctors will come to your room at regular intervals to check in on you.

Skull Therapy

The skull therapy is a very soft treatment, which we prescribe for people who cannot get the regular head therapy. The effect of this treatment is dependent on the medicated oil which is used, according to your condition. This treatment is beneficial for alleviating headaches and combatting insomnia.

Solace Therapy (Solar Plexus Therapy)

This is a very soft treatment, where pure ghee is massaged gently into the solar plexus. This helps to stimulate all the organs in the abdomen and helps prevent problems like constipation, gastritis, flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome etc. This treatment also relaxes the whole body.

Sour Salt Bath (Awagahana Sweda)

This is a sweating treatment used especially for weight reduction. A decoction made of several herbs is mixed with tamarind, sea salt and saffron-drop bonnet and added to the bath water.

Thermo Treatment (Fomentation)

We boil a special mixture of herbs and rice and fill it into a small cloth sack, which we use to gently “stamp” warm medicated oil into the skin. Due to the warmth, the oil can penetrate very deeply into the skin and loosen metabolic residue – especially in the joints. This treatment also stimulates the regeneration of bones and tissue and the buildup of muscle fibres and nerves.

Varicose Vein Therapy

This is a soft therapy for the affected area, where the medicated oil is massaged into the skin with upward strokes.

Special Treatments

​Will be explained by the doctors during the consultation.